Thanks to all of the organisations who are supporting National Vegetarian Week by taking part in our collective advertising campaign on the London Underground. Keep a look out for the posters between 07-20 May this year in tube stations!

We’ve also had huge support and love from so many of you who want to get lots of veggie food seen on the London Underground and beyond. Find your name below or check out our Crowdfunder page to be a part of it!


Thank you to all of our crowdfunder pledgers:

Antony Byatt
Rob Vick
Kim Hill
David Rainford
Karen Sellwood
Paula Meldrum
Amanda Orr
Charles Collett
Helen Dowzall
Catherine Petit
Glenn Smith
Lorenzo Nannini
Lisa Cumming
Cheryl Smith
Helen Wass
Dale Hoyland
Claire Chesneau
Gill Brownson
Mark Elliot
Ruth Hayes
David Pye
MiKe Quinn
Sarah Shrubb
Carla Rapoport
Joshua Neal
…and Scruffy the dog!

And a big cheer to everyone else who has been so kind and supported our project through Crowdfunder!

BOSH! and Feed Me Vegan NVW newsletter cook book competition winners: Ann Evans, Fiona McHardy, Barbara Finch, Sheila Ram, Andy Ramsay. High street voucher winners from our newsletter competition winners: Sarah from Blackpool, Louise from Flint and Amy from Bristol