A unique opportunity to showcase your product or brand to millions of people as part of National Vegetarian Week 2018.

About the advertising campaign:

  • It will run for two weeks – Monday 07 May 2018 to Sunday 20 May 2018.
  • Your posters will feature on the stair, lift and escalator panels (SLEPs) across the London Underground on general distribution.*

The benefits to you:

  • This is a collective advertising project – you can be part of a campaign that will make a bigger splash than your posters could alone.
  • The tube handles up to 5 million passenger journeys per day. That’s a lot of eyes that could see your posters!**
  • You’ll be part of a national campaign (NVW 2017 was fronted by the Hairy Bikers, trended on Twitter and gained over 500 pieces of national, regional, local and online coverage.)

In addition, you’ll receive:

  • a digital version of your unique poster for use in your publicity
  • a mention on the Vegetarian Society’s social media in the run up to the week (Facebook followers: 285k; Twitter followers: 103k),
  • your logo and a link to your website on the National Vegetarian Week website.

Prices (exc. VAT)
1 poster = £150
5 posters = £725
10 posters = £1,400
25 posters = £3,375
50 posters = £6,500
100 posters = £12,500

[Prices include cost of design, printing and advertising space.]

To book your posters, or for more details, please contact Graham Drummond on or call 0161 925 2000.

* General distribution: Posters will feature across the London Underground network. There is a 59% chance your poster will be displayed at a Premier station, 26% chance of a Major station, and 15% chance of a Standard station. Specific stations cannot be guaranteed.
** Source: Transport for London.