grants_newIf you’re planning an activity or event for National Vegetarian Week 2017, we may be able to help fund it with a grant. Added to your enthusiasm, time, creativity and energy, a grant could make all the difference. Grant applications should be for activities which promote a vegetarian diet to the wider community.

Please note: the deadline for grants has now passed, so we are no longer accepting applications.

  1. See our grant guidelines for more information. The guidelines cover how much the grants are for, the requirements, deadlines, ideas for your NVW activity or event and more.
  2. Check out the monitoring form, which you will need to fill in after your NVW event or activity if you receive a grant. It’s straightforward and you won’t be completing it for a while, but it’s worth looking at!
  3. Download our grant application form, complete it and email it to us. We’ll let you know after the deadline whether your application was successful.

National Vegetarian Week Last Year

National Vegetarian Week 2016 was a great success, with tons of events and activities taking place across the UK, thanks to the help of our grant programme.

We awarded grants to 77 groups to help them celebrate the week and below you can see a small selection of their activities.

Blueprint 22


Veronica Carver applied for a grant to help Blueprint 22 with ‘Vegging Out’ – a project aimed at young people aged 16-25 to help them learn how to cook their favourite dishes without using meat. The project was so successful that the young people involved went vegetarian for the whole week, five remained veggie after and Blueprint 22 decided to become a completely vegetarian organisation. Those taking part in the grant event filmed a series of cookery video demonstrations that were shared on social media and the young people who took part enjoyed showing off their kitchen skills.

FeedShare Feeders


Osman Yavas held an event for staff and volunteers at charity FareShare’s headquarters in London. Titled “Nice to Meat You”, FareShare staff cooked meals for volunteers and got them to rate the ‘meat’ dishes without telling them they were actually vegetarian!

Pulling Together Asian Women’s Group


The colourful stories behind some of the Asian community’s most popular vegetarian dishes were celebrated during an evening of conversation in Manchester. The Pulling Together Asian Women’s Group, from Old Trafford, discussed recipes passed down between generations – and the subtle differences in how they were cooked by each family.