If you’re planning an activity or event for National Vegetarian Week 2019, we may be able to help fund it with a grant.

You can apply for a small grant of up to £200 or a large grant for up to £2000.

Find out if you are eligible, how you can spend the money and what will be required in return for your grant in the grant guidelines.

Before you begin your application you will need all of the details of your proposed event to hand including:

  • Location
  • Date
  • What you plan to do
  • The difference you hope to make
  • What you plan to buy

Deadline: 14 April 2019
You will find out via email if your application was successful or not by 21 April 2019.

2018 Grant Events

Individuals and organisations across the UK did brilliant things with the funding they received through the National Vegetarian Week 2018 grants programme. Here are just a few of the events that were organised.

  • 1

    Derbyshire Chinese Welfare Association used their National Vegetarian Week 2018 grant to host a delicious vegetarian lunch for 60 members. They cooked and served steamed tofu, Western-style sweetcorn and carrot soup, stir fried rice with vegetables, Buddha’s Delight and kale with vegetarian oyster sauce.

  • 2

    Newquay Cricket Club treated visiting teams from St Austell and Launceston to a vegetarian mid-match afternoon tea with their National Vegetarian Week 2018 grant. The players enjoyed a spread of pizzas, samosas, falafels, sandwiches and vegan chocolate cake, with everyone surprised at how good it tasted.

  • 3

    Green Corridor, a charity in Staines teaching horticulture and catering to young people with special education needs, offered a selection of tasty titbits to nearly 600 Heathrow office staff and ground workers. The charity recently had no meat on its site for three weeks, something the youngsters really enjoyed.

  • 4

    Southside Housing Association in Glasgow delighted their residents across three sites by using their National Vegetarian Week 2018 grant to serve a full veggie English breakfast and a picnic in the sunshine. With positive feedback and residents requesting veggie sausages as a regular fixture, they’re now looking to do something with a special theme every six weeks.

  • 5

    Home Start Barnet exposed local families to a whole new world of colour and flavour when they prepared a Mexican banquet with their National Vegetarian Week 2018 grant. While the toddlers coloured in pictures of vegetables, their parents learned how to use avocados, pinto beans, mango salsa and many other exciting ingredients.

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