Food friends!

When I was at school, aged 14, just starting Year 10, I made friends with a new girl, Kirsty, after we started sitting together in our GCSE History lessons.

I lived five minutes away from the school, whereas Kirsty lived further away, so she used to come back to my house for tea before her parents would pick her up. We had lots in common – in particular, we were both vegetarians! I was still eating fish at the time, but after many debates, I decided to become a full vegetarian – and I’m now a vegan.

We experimented with cooking together, and came up with favourites, such as the bean bake, which can use any vegetables in the fridge, any type of beans, with a breadcrumb topping.

Twenty four years later, we are still cooking veggie food for each other, and Kirsty has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl! Being vegetarian has been a great bond in our relationship, despite Kirsty’s hatred of parsnips and sweetcorn.